All Areas of Criminal Defense

DUI Cases

DUI charges could result in jail time, fines, and license suspension. An effective defense in court can help combat these penalties and consequences for your criminal record.


Whether you face misdemeanor or felony assault charges, our legal team is prepared to fight for mitigated or even dismissed charges.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes like murder and manslaughter are serious felonies that are not easy to defend. Richard Davies has handled a number of high profile murder cases throughout Nevada, and has the experience you need.

Record Sealing

If you’ve ever been criminally charged, even if those charges were dropped, information regarding your arrest is still publicly visible on the internet. Record sealing gives you a clean slate.

Arrests During Events

Thousands of Nevadans and tourists are arrested at events every year. A mistake you made at an event shouldn't derail your life. Don't answer any questions or sign statements without a lawyer by your side.

Drug Charges

In drug defense cases, your lawyer’s experience could make the difference between a conviction and a dismissal, or at least a reduction of charges. Richard Davies is here to fight for you, whatever the drug charge may be.

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