Record Sealing

If you're being discriminated against due to your criminal record, record sealing can help clear your name.

At Richard P. Davies Law we believe that a person shouldn’t be defined by their mistakes. That’s why we help our clients with their record sealing needs: we know that everyone makes mistakes, and we believe that everyone should be given a second chance.

If you’ve ever been criminally charged, even if those charges were dropped, information regarding your arrest is still publicly visible on the internet for any potential employer, neighbor or others to find. This information may make it more difficult for you to obtain housing or employment.

Record sealing allows you to start with a clean slate, ensuring that you’re not discriminated against for one bad decision you made years ago. Bad things happen to good people, and record-sealing is one way to make sure that your mistake doesn’t follow you for life.

The benefit of having a sealed record is that it cannot be accessed through normal means, such as through a background check.

Am I eligible for record sealing?

If you were acquitted of a charge, or a case against you was dismissed, the incident may still appear on your public record. Don’t let a crime that you were not convicted of tarnish your record! If you were acquitted of a charge, or the case against you was dropped, you are a great candidate for record sealing.

If you were convicted of a crime, you may be eligible for record sealing if you have fulfilled all obligations to the court and have not received a subsequent conviction.

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