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How Can an Attorney Help with Sealing My Record?

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, sealing your record is a powerful tool for getting your life back on track.

Everybody makes mistakes, but not everybody deserves to deal with the repercussions for the rest of their life. Sealing your record helps prevent your past mistakes from harming your future.

At Richard P. Davies, Esq., we are ready and willing to help you seal your record and take your life back. Read on to learn how an attorney can help you in this endeavor.

What Is Sealing a Record?

Sealing your criminal record is a method of turning specific information confidential and removing it from public record.

In Nevada, sealed records are not visible to anybody but the Nevada Gaming Commission after it has received a court order.

Sealing records is a great way to prevent your past mistakes from catching up to you. Sealed records allow you to legally deny having any convictions when asked in a job application or other interview.

However, if you are convicted of another offense, the court may choose to unseal your records and make them public information once again.

How Can an Attorney Make This Process Easier for Me?

Much like other legal matters, sealing your record can be a long, arduous, and paperwork-filled process. Sealing your records in Nevada may take up to a year and can require several sets of paperwork.

An attorney can make this process easier by taking on the bulk of this work for a fee. When you hire an attorney, you can make the process far easier and save yourself the stress.

If you want to seal your record, leave it to the professionals. Contact Richard P. Davies, Esq. today to learn how we can help save you time and effort in sealing your record.

When Can I Seal My Record?

Unfortunately, you cannot immediately seal your records after a conviction. You will have to wait a varying amount of time depending on what crime you have been convicted of.

Let’s take a look at when you can file to have your records sealed.

  • Most misdemeanors can seal after one year
  • Gross misdemeanors, category E felonies, and harassment or stalking can seal after two years
  • Felonies of the categories B, C, and D can seal after five years
  • Misdemeanor DUIs can seal after seven years
  • Category A felonies and violent felonies can seal after ten years

Is Sealing My Record the Right Choice for Me?

Sealing your records may seem like a good idea, but sometimes it can lead to trouble. Sealed records remove your conviction from public records but not the public consciousness.

If you apply for a job and tell them that you have no convictions, they may hire you.

However, you may seem dishonest if they later find out about your conviction from an outside source.

Contact Richard P. Davies, Esq. Today Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada

If you want to seal your records, an attorney is a powerful tool to save you time and effort. If you don’t want the headache of filing paperwork for a year, consider Richard P. Davies, Esq.

At Richard P. Davies, Esq., we are committed to helping people like you in their times of trouble. Contact us today to talk with one of our professionals and learn how we can help you seal your records.


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