Richard P. Davies, Esq. Serves as Troy Driver’s Defense Lawyer

Law enforcement arrested Troy Driver, 41, of Fallon, on March 25 in connection with Naomi Irion’s death, 18. Irion disappeared from a Walmart parking lot earlier that month. Her body was found on March 29 in Churchill County. The Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed her identity after conducting the autopsy.

On April 8, the court ruled that Driver would remain in Yerington jail without bail. Richard P. Davies, Esq. serves as his defense attorney. A renowned criminal defense lawyer, Davies has served thousands of clients for a broad range of crimes, including violent ones. His approachable style and his confidence built on years of trial experience can increase Driver’s chances of charge dismissal or reduction.

Charges Against Troy Driver

Initial accusations against Driver included murder and charges of kidnapping, robbery, burglary, and destruction of evidence. A subsequent complaint amendment added abduction with the purpose of sexual assault, extortion, robbery, or killing.

Richard P. Davies, Esq.’s Defense Approach

Public defender Mario Walther originally represented Troy Driver, but court documents from April 8 show that Lyon County appointed Richard P. Davies as lead counsel. Both Davies and Walther now serve as Driver’s defenders.

Davies understands that most people are jumping to conclusions, but he said that Driver maintains he is innocent of the charges against him. Davies’s focus is on establishing the truth as there currently are more questions than answers.

During his interaction with the media, Davies mentioned how he and Driver are off to a collaborative start and are looking forward to working together. Davies is confident in the investigation’s effectiveness.

When talking about how he and his client considered all options, Davies mentioned they could request a change in venue without offering more details for the time being. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Davies understands investigations and legal proceedings require time and patience.

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