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Defending Battery Charges in Nevada

Battery Laws and Legal Representation in Nevada

Battery charges in Nevada require skilled legal defense. Richard P. Davies, Esq., an experienced battery defense lawyer, provides top-tier legal assistance to those facing such accusations.

Defining Battery in Nevada

Battery involves intentional physical contact with another person without consent. Unlike assault, battery requires actual contact, whether direct or indirect.

Richard P. Davies, Esq.: Your Advocate in Battery Cases

With extensive experience in battery cases, Richard P. Davies, Esq. offers robust legal defense, aiming to protect clients from severe penalties and unjust convictions.

If you’ve faced assault charges, you understand the long-term impact such allegations can have on your life. Even after resolving your case, the mere existence of an assault charge on your record can influence future opportunities. However, there’s a pathway to a fresh start.

Record Sealing

At Richard P. Davies Law Firm, we don’t just focus on providing a robust defense against assault charges; we also offer comprehensive guidance on sealing criminal records. Sealing your record can shield your past and open new doors for your future. To learn more about how we can assist you in clearing your record and restoring your reputation, visit our Record Sealing page for detailed information and expert assistance.

Understanding Battery Penalties in Nevada

Penalties for battery can include jail time, fines, and more, depending on the case’s specifics. Richard P. Davies, Esq. navigates these complexities, providing effective legal strategies for his clients.

Seeking Legal Help for Battery Charges

If you’re charged with battery in Nevada, timely legal assistance is vital. Contact Richard P. Davies, Esq. for expert legal defense and personalized attention to your case.

Contact Information:

Richard P. Davies and his team of experienced lawyers will help you craft an effective defense for any assault charges you may face. In your assault case, our legal team is prepared to fight for mitigated or even dismissed charges! Call (775) 360-6894 or email us to schedule a free consultation.


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