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Criminal Defense Attorney Reno

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As a criminal defense lawyer in Reno, Richard P. Davies is committed to full and complete service to his clients. As such, you may find yourself or someone else who has been charged with a crime and needs defense. Below are several resources for people who have been convicted of a criminal charge in Reno or even much of the state of Nevada. These resources can help with a DUI, drug charge, or even with traffic ticket defense.

Nevada DUI School Online

According to Nevada law any driver convicted of a DUI  (also referred to as driving under the influence) has a legal obligation to complete an Alcohol and Controlled Substances Course. Upon successful completion of this course, the Department of Motor Vehicles and Court requirements will be fulfilled. This is a program designed for people convicted of DUI in Reno and other parts of Nevada that is licensed by the DMV.

Victim Impact Panel

The Victim Impact Panel (VIP) program is part of minimum sentencing according to NRS Chapter 484C. If you have been guilty of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then you must attend one of these sessions. Here is a link with more information and how to register.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Richard P. Davies is a traffic ticket lawyer who will defend you in court and work to get your traffic ticket fine and penalty reduced or thrown out altogether.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are required to complete a Court Mandated Traffic Safety Course or simply want to attend and complete a DMV licensed online Traffic Safety course to help remove points from your driving record and reduce your insurance rates, the following program comes highly recommended  available for you

Don’t face the criminal justice system alone; get a proven Reno criminal defense attorney to help you out. Contact Richard P. Davies today to schedule a complimentary case review.

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