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Divorce Attorney Reno NV

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Divorce Attorney Reno NV

Contemplating divorce? Make sure you have a highly skilled divorce lawyer in Reno to negotiate and fight on your behalf.

The decision to end a marriage and file for divorce can be both physically draining and emotionally taxing. It disrupts your life and puts a strain on your financial resources. Divorce can also be extremely traumatic, especially when children are involved. During trying times like this, you need an expert divorce lawyer to protect your assets and, if you’re a parent, your parental rights.

Reno divorce attorney Richard P. Davies has the experience, knowledge, and passion to help you through such a difficult ordeal. He’ll discuss all your legal options and guide you through every stage of the proceedings. As a seasoned divorce lawyer, Richard is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for you.

Divorce in Nevada: What You Need to Know

Nevada is known as a “no fault divorce state.” This basically means spouses can divorce one another without having to prove that one spouse or party was responsible for the breakdown of the marriage. An individual who wants to file for divorce in Nevada should be a resident of the state for at least six weeks prior to the action.

Presently, there are only three grounds for divorce in Nevada:

  • Incompatibility (irreconcilable differences)
  • Insanity that existed for two years prior to filing
  • Spouses have lived separate and apart for one year

Divorces can either be contested or uncontested. If you and your spouse disagree on some or all of the terms or issues, you would have a contested divorce. When this happens, a Complaint for Divorce is filed in court (by the Plaintiff). With cases like this, you will have to go through a settlement phase where your divorce attorneys in Reno, Nevada negotiate to reach an agreement. When negotiations fail, you will have to go to trial to settle the divorce. Contested divorces can be finalized within three to six months. Complicated cases, however, may take longer.

An uncontested divorce, on the other hand, is where you and your spouse agree on all issues and terms of the divorce, including division of marital assets, child custody, and child or spousal support. In this case, a Joint Petition for Divorce is filed in court.

If you’re seriously considering filing a divorce in Nevada, don’t go through it alone. Many people think they can represent themselves and not seek legal counsel from an experienced Reno divorce attorney. Some think it’s as easy as signing a bunch of papers. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Divorce isn’t easy or painless; it’s an emotional ordeal whose outcome will affect the rest of your life. You need a highly skilled Reno divorce lawyer who can represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf, or aggressively fight for and protect your legal rights should you need to go to trial.

When you hire Richard to handle your divorce, you’re sure to get the highest level of attention and personal support to help you make informed decisions and deal with the legal and emotional impact of divorce. He’s ready to fight to get you the best outcome and give you the opportunity to start fresh. Contact Reno divorce attorney Richard P. Davies today to schedule your complimentary case review.

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