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What Is A Trial Lawyer And Do You Need One?

What Is A Trial Lawyer And Do You Need One?

Not all lawyers are created equal. In fact, a lawyer’s position, seniority, experience, and skill set usually determine what role they will play in each case. In order to experience the maximum benefits of working with an attorney, it’s important that you select a lawyer whose skills, training, and experience are a good fit for your case. For example, if you were pulled over for driving under the influence, you should specifically look for a trusted DUI attorney in your area. Likewise, if you were injured in an accident, you should seek out a personal injury attorney.

Not only do lawyers specialize in specific practice areas (family practice, personal injury, business etc.), there are also different types of attorneys who fulfill different job descriptions. For example, litigation attorneys excel at trial preparation and research and spend most of their time at the office or library, while trial lawyers are specifically tasked with representing clients in court. If you have been asked to appear in court, you should definitely seek the services of an experienced trial lawyer. On the other hand, if you are trying to keep something from going to court, it may not be necessary to hire a trial lawyer.

What Is A Trial Lawyer?

Television and movies lead many people to believe that lawyers spend the majority of their time in court, presenting in front of a judge and jury. These dramatic court scenes do not give any insight into how much time and effort goes into preparing for trial. In fact, at large law firms there are usually multiple attorneys working on the same case – some are charged with research and preparation work, while other attorneys hold the role of trial lawyer: they present the case in court. At smaller law firms, the attorney who prepares for your case will also, most likely, present in court. However, the point is that preparing for a case and presenting in court require two radically different skills sets. Trial lawyers must be persuasive, quick-witted critical thinkers who excel at public speaking in addition to having a firm understanding of the law.

So there are two sides of law then: preparation and presentation. However, being properly prepared for trial doesn’t guarantee a winning verdict. Why? Because a trial isn’t a test of who has the best argument on paper; trials are live events that are influenced by people’s opinions and the decisions they make while in court. Trials are full of surprises, and a good trial lawyer must be agile, creative, and ready to quickly and confidently deal with anything that comes up during a court date. They must be able to read people’s body language in order to tell what kind of information the judge is interested in, and which questions a defendant seems uncomfortable answering. A good trial lawyer should also have good rapport with those who work in the local court systems: judges, police officers, and even court reporters. Lawyers aren’t usually known for their soft skills and ability to maintain personal relationships, however these factors absolutely come into play during trial, and yes, a personable lawyer can influence the jury and judge’s decision.

Before hiring an attorney to represent you in court, ask them about their trial experience and relationships with people in the municipal courts. How often do they present cases in court? How many jury cases have they tried? Do they have strong social skills? Are they personable, friendly, and persuasive? When asked a tough question do they provide a quick and clever answer, or do they avoid answering all together? If you are required to go to court, your lawyer should be a person who makes you feel comfortable. Why? If you can’t stand your attorney’s personality, chances are the judge and jury won’t like them either.

Richard’s Experience As A Trial Lawyer

Being a trial attorney requires a unique skill set, which is why reputable trial lawyers seek out special training and educational opportunities that prepare them for trial work. That’s why Reno attorney Richard P. Davies spent two weeks in Georgia at the National Criminal Defense College practicing and honing his trial law skills so that he could better serve his clients who are facing trial. During the two week workshop, Richard and his peers practiced selecting juries, cross examining, conducting interviewing, and preparing eloquent closing remarks. This extensive training paid off, because in 2015 Richard P. Davies was named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by The National Trial Lawyers.

If you are you are required to appear in court in Reno for a traffic violation, criminal offense, or DUI, do yourself a favor and select Reno trial lawyer Richard P. Davies to represent you. Don’t be like the thousands of people who regret representing themselves in court or hiring a budget litigation attorney with little to no trial experience. Come to court prepared with the best defense there is: an experienced trial lawyer. Contact the law office of Richard P. Davies today to get the representation you deserve in court.