Traffic Violations: A Common Encounter with the Law
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Traffic Violations: A Common Encounter with the Law

Traffic Violations: A Common Encounter with the Law

For many people, traffic violations may be their only type of encounter with law enforcement. While traffic violations are not usually terribly serious in and of themselves, they do often result in significant inconvenience and cost. And because traffic stops are also extremely lucrative for law enforcement agencies – the potential for unwarranted violations is all too common.

Many of us have received too many citations to passively accept another. In these cases, contesting a speeding or other traffic ticket can be well worth the fight, but it’s no easy feat. Undeniably, there’s an art to beating traffic citations, and it’s practiced almost exclusively by competent Reno traffic ticket attorneys. More often than not, the contest comes down to your word and the officer’s, and you can guess which way the court naturally leans.

Again, if you’re in the position where fighting and winning a traffic violation is absolutely necessary to maintain your license and reasonable insurance premiums, continue driving, or avoid serious fines, you need expert legal representation.

A good Reno traffic attorney has years of experience in this area of the law and knows how to challenge officers’ subjective conclusions, argue for “mistakes of fact”, and find other legal justifications for whatever roadway conduct the stopping officer found objectionable that day. These are very nuanced legal strategies, and ones which few of us are even aware of. This is why, when it comes to taking on the court, you don’t want to go it alone.

Most people mistakenly assume that the law is against them and will always support the officer’s conclusions. This is not true, but knowing how to use the law to fight unwarranted tickets, challenge radar and other detection methodologies, prepare witness testimonies, and effectively cross-examine officers is what it will take to prevail in court. Anything short of this legal know-how will effectively doom your chances of getting a citation dismissed.

Whether you need to contest a common speeding ticket, a right of way violation, a camera-based citation, or a non-DUI or alcohol- related offense, soliciting the help of a seasoned Reno traffic lawyer is the key to prevailing in court. And remember that Nevada, with its ultra-conservative laws and courts, is not the friendliest of environments to receive a citation in the first place. It’s even less so when the time comes to overturn the established authority. The good news is that most police officers do not know the letter of the law. This is why, in many cases, there are errors in citations, or how there are relevant conclusions that can be exploited by Reno traffic attorneys intimately familiar with traffic laws.

The Law Firm of Richard P. Davies will review your case before you spend time and money defending it to give you an honest assessment of your likelihood for a successful outcome. Contact us today and learn what you can do to fight your traffic citation.