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A Guide to Staying Out of Trouble at SnowGlobe 2016

A Guide to Staying Out of Trouble at SnowGlobe 2016

Know what’s worse than not getting a ticket to SnowGlobe?  Getting arrested or cited at SnowGlobe after you’ve gone to the effort of paying for a ticket, making the trip and designing a blinking bodysuit and parka.  Not that arrests are overwhelmingly common at the event, but we must remember it’s an EDM affair, with lots of festive folks looking to party, leading right up to New Year’s Eve.  That’s a potent combination of fun factors that will inevitably land a few unfortunate souls in the back seat of the wrong car.

The key, of course, is to not be among the hapless few.  Avoiding trouble at this festival boils down to using basic common sense and decent decision-making.  The most common offense leading to arrest is driving while intoxicated.  The most common infraction leading to citation is Minor in Possession of alcohol.  Then comes possession of narcotics and on down the list.

Given the data above, the best decision you can make is not operating a vehicle.  With Uber, Lyft and good old fashioned taxis, there is no reason you should drive after the trancing and dancing is done.  The 20-dollar fare pales in comparison to the financial cost of a DUI.  Besides, it’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  Cops are instructed to be hype-vigilant to keep motorists safe and their departments well-funded.  And they’re no strangers to festivals like this.  After all, their brethren keep a watchful eye on the Granddaddy of all festivals each summer in the Black Rock Desert not too far away.

Lesser offenses like minor in possession and drug possession will cause an abrupt cessation to the celebration as well.  If you’re involved with the police in any way at all, it’s usually going to spell an earlier bed time than you hoped for, so staying out of trouble in the first place is key.  When it comes to weed, there are a few important guidelines to follow:

  • Anything over an ounce found on your person will cause you trouble with the police.
  • Possession of any amount with the intent to sell will cause you even bigger trouble.
  • Minors in possession of weed, even in small quantities will usually suffer bigger consequences than their older contemporaries.
  • Distribution to a minor is to be avoided as protections for minors are still effectively enforced.

If you, a friend or loved one ends up in legal trouble at or around SnowGlobe, know that professional help is available.  Self-defense in court almost always results in conviction.  It’s not your job to know the laws, cross examine arresting officers and witnesses or construct alternative arguments.  That’s the job of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Richard P Davies in Reno has helped hundreds of defendants over the years to have their charges reduced or dropped all together. With a reputation for commendable court room experience and fighting for the rights and futures of his clients, Richard has defended cases ranging from DUI to possession and trafficking.  Contact his offices for a free consultation and case evaluation.  He’ll take the time to listen, provide an honest assessment of potential consequences and explain your options.  If things do go sideways at SnowGlobe, get back on track and get the advocacy and insight you deserve.