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Qualities to Look for in a Reno Criminal Defense Attorney

Qualities to Look for in a Reno Criminal Defense Attorney

No one wants to go on trial for a criminal offense. However, if you find yourself in this intimidating situation, you will want to have the best Reno criminal defense attorney on your side. Having the support of an excellent criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. But when every lawyer in town claims to be the best Reno criminal defense attorney, how do you know who to trust?

Sometimes that qualities that separate average criminal defense attorneys from exceptional criminal defense attorneys are very subtle. That’s why it’s important to schedule consultations with prospective criminal attorneys to get a sense of their personality and find out if they meet the qualifications below.
Here are the qualities that a great criminal defense attorney Reno should possess:

Trial Experience
It’s important for legal clients to understand that not all lawyers have trial experience. That’s right: despite what you see on TV, not all lawyers have experience speaking in court. In fact, at larger law firms, most lawyers work behind the scenes to research and prepare cases while only a small crew of senior attorneys actually present the cases in court.

Since most criminal cases go to court, it’s imperative that you hire a Reno criminal defense attorney who has extensive trail experience in your local court system. An experienced trial lawyer understands the subtleties of the local court system and how to best present evidence to help your case. Trail lawyers are experienced in the arts of persuasion and public speaking, unlike lawyers who primarily work behind the scenes. If you are looking for a trial lawyer in Northern Nevada, Reno criminal defense attorney Richard P. Davies has been named a top 100 trial lawyer by National Trail Lawyers.

Relationship with Local Courts
In addition to trial experience, look for a Reno criminal defense attorney who has lived and practiced in your area for at least a decade. Local experience is very important because the best criminal defense attorneys have relationships with the people who work in the local courts, including judges, prosecutors, and police officers. A Reno criminal defense attorney who has a good reputation and friends in the local court system will have an easier time working with the judge to reduce your sentence or get your case dismissed altogether.

Indifference to client’s innocence or guilt
Before meeting with a potential criminal defense attorney, many people fret about whether or not the attorney will find them guilty. The truth is that it doesn’t matter if your criminal defense attorney thinks you’re innocent or guilty. A Reno defense attorney who has taken on your case should fight to defend your best interests no matter what. When planning a defense strategy with your criminal defense attorney, honesty is the best policy. Your attorney must clearly understand the facts of the case in order to create the best possible defense strategy.

Makes time to talk to clients
A carefully prepared case is more likely to be a winning case. That’s why good Reno criminal defense attorneys meet with their clients on a regular basis. Regular meetings establish trust between the client and attorney, and help both parties prepare for trial. Taking time to meet with clients is a quality that makes excellent criminal defense attorneys stand apart from their peers.

If you are searching for the best Reno criminal defense attorney, look no farther than Richard P. Davies. Mr. Davies is an experienced trial lawyer who specializes in criminal defense in the Reno area and meets all of the qualifications listed here. Contact Richard P. Davies to set up a consultation today!