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Reasons to Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Reasons to Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Most people’s first instinct when getting a traffic ticket is to pay up and move on. It’s tempting – you pay the fine and forget about it. Why bother fighting a ticket in court, right?

Wrong. And I’m saying this not because I’m a Reno traffic ticket attorney. The consequences of getting a traffic ticket – and not fighting it – shouldn’t be ignored.

For one thing, fines aren’t exactly cheap. The whole point of imposing hefty fines on traffic violations is to discourage people from committing said violations. For another, fines aren’t the only penalties you could be facing. There’s the possible hike in your insurance rates. You could also lose your license and driving privileges. And what if the traffic citation issued was for a misdemeanor violation, like a DUI?

All these ramifications are reason enough to fight a ticket. But if your plan of attack is to go to traffic court without an attorney, you might want to rethink your strategy. You might have been told that hiring an attorney is just a waste of money, but having a lawyer represent you and your interests may increase your chances of winning. Here’s why:

Traffic ticket attorneys know the local laws and regulations

Local experience is crucial. A traffic ticket lawyer who has practiced in your area will be very familiar with local jurisdictions. Familiarity with local traffic laws (as well as the changes the DMV has recently enacted) means they can navigate the system with ease and take advantage of any opportunity, whether it’s finding an error on the issued ticket or negotiating lower fines.

They have established relationships with the local courts

Speaking of local experience, a Reno traffic ticket attorney will have established relationships with the local courts and everyone involved in it – judges, prosecutors, police officers, etc. This means your attorney will know how to deal with the style of a certain judge or prosecutor. They might even have encountered the same police officer who issued your ticket and will most likely know their history (if ever they’ve issued an erroneous citation before, for instance).

They have sharp negotiation skills

Aggressive and combative are two things you don’t want to be when you’re in traffic court. Sure, it’s more dramatic, but don’t confuse your day in court with an episode of Law & Order. Your Reno traffic ticket attorney – assuming the one you hire is a good one – will know how to negotiate and work out a deal that’s favorable to you, whether it’s getting a lower fine or getting your ticket dismissed altogether. He or she will be courteous but sharp, diplomatic but strategic. Like I mentioned in previous traffic citation blog posts, good manners can go a long way.

It shows you’re not taking things lightly

No matter how much you’ve brushed up your knowledge of the law or how well-dressed you are, you won’t be as intimidating as a lawyer. The prosecutors know that, and they’re likely to take advantage of that. If you arrive in court with an attorney, however, it shows that you’re not the type to be bullied and they will be more open to making a deal.

The same goes for the presiding judge. Having a lawyer represent you in a case will show that you’re serious about proving your innocence in court.

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