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The New Nevada Law Around Marijuana and What You Should Know

The New Nevada Law Around Marijuana and What You Should Know

On November 8 of this year, Nevada voters narrowly approved Question 2, which legalizes, taxes, and regulates marijuana for adults 21 and older. Despite well-financed opposition, marijuana was decriminalized in our fine state of Nevada. From a social, legislative and criminal system perspective, this is probably great news all around, but there are several things you should know about the new regulations.

The decriminalization of marijuana for adults means that the penalties for possession and distribution are greatly reduced from what they are in other states. However, and here’s what’s important to bear in mind, limits and penalties still exist. That’s why you need to understand the law. There’s still plenty of trouble to get into by possessing, cultivating, and obviously selling it.

Nevada Marijuana Cultivation and Possession Limits

In addition to allowing medical cannabis dispensaries, the recent legislation increases cultivation and possession limits. The relaxing of regulation should not however be interpreted as a free-for-all.   Cultivation without a medical card carries a felony charge, for instance. And Nevada’s marijuana-related DUI guidelines allow for finite blood content tolerances.

One positive feature for Nevada’s medical marijuana users is that the state recognizes the patient status of non-residents who are qualified under their state government’s laws. This is an important point because the law was crafted under medicinal pretexts – it really wasn’t designed to delight the couch surfing purists in our midst. For that reason, rules persist and you don’t want to challenge a law enforcement establishment that’s been seeped in anti-drug ideology for half a century. Nevada police are tough and will exercise their authority to the limit of the law.

So, if you find yourself bending the rules….

It’s likely that several Nevadans will delicately bend the newfound freedoms and rules. While you may be in a happy place when that occurs, it’s important to recall that your feet are still planted on Nevada soil. And the laws here are very non-bendy. Your open-mindedness is probably not shared by those who preside in law enforcement and court rooms. If you blow it, and a certain percentage of us will, you’ll need professional help.

First offense possessions of up to an ounce carry a $600 fine, which is better than jail, but confers a misdemeanor to the offender. A second offense carries a $1,000 fine and drug addiction screening. Possession of two or more ounces can land Nevadans in jail for up to 4 years.

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OK, we may be biased with that statement, but… If you are caught with excessive amounts, cultivating without permission, driving under the influence of marijuana or selling it, you’ll want expert representation from an experienced trial lawyer. Richard P Davies has successfully defended hundreds of criminal cases in Nevada. He’s respected in and out of the court room for protecting his clients’ rights and futures by reducing and often having charges dismissed all together. He knows the law, how to cross-examine witnesses and exactly what’s allowable for police procedures. Folks who represent themselves invariably end up with maximum penalties because they have no understanding of the law or court room strategy. Contact the offices of Richard P Davies for a consultation and case assessment. It can make all the difference in the world for your future.