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Life Is Beautiful (If You Aren’t Arrested)

Life Is Beautiful (If You Aren’t Arrested)

As the name suggests, there’s lots to celebrate at the annual Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas. And, as we all know, adult-style fun is often a part of these types of get togethers. While adult-style fun may be your cup of tea and precisely why you choose to attend, law enforcement is guaranteed to be less sympathetic to certain forms of recreation and entertainment.

Life Is Beautiful and the granddaddy of all festivals, Burning Man, both take place in Nevada. Unfortunately, Nevada has rather draconian laws pertaining to drug possession, sale and trafficking. Nevada, with its expansive terrain and open-minded citizenry, is otherwise well-suited to accommodate the carefree revelry that attends these types of hoedowns.

No blog post is going to dissuade you from making your own choices, dancing like a dervish or exercising your freedoms of expression. However, it could help persuade you to exercise good judgement on the way to, during, and directly after the Life Is Beautiful festival. (I might also casually mention that drug possession, use, or trafficking are not technically ‘freedoms’ they’re just common ways to break the law.) Now that that’s cleared up, let’s get back to common sense and ways to avoid fines or incarceration during this merry affair.

Don’t go to sell: Selling illegal drugs immediately throws you into an entirely escalated echelon of offense. Even the intent to sell, while tougher to prove, propels your case into a zone of seriousness that you want no part of. For example, if you’re a repeat offender found to be selling less than 100 pounds of weed, you could be charged with a felony and forced to serve 3 to 15 years of jail time.

Possession is no walk in the park: Now, from what I’ve heard, it’s awfully hard to use drugs without at some point possessing them. Apart from possessing them in one’s lungs, stomach or nose after usage, physical possession is not something you want to be charged with – especially if we’re talking about meaningful quantities. If you’re a first-time offender found in possession of less than an ounce of weed, you get no jail time, but you’ll need to visit the Las Vegas Municipal Court to pay the $600 fine.

Trafficking is No Bueno: Trafficking is defined as the sale, manufacture or delivery into the state of Nevada large quantities of schedule 1 or Schedule 2 drugs. Trafficking is (rightfully) perceived as a much more serious offense than possession or small-scale sale owing to the level of intent and quantities involved.

Here’s the ticket though folks: If you are from out of town or out of state, and you are either issued a citation or arrested in Nevada during the festival, you will have to return to Nevada to deal with the issue. And because Nevada has very specialized laws pertaining to drug-related offenses, you will need a Nevada trial lawyer to effectively deal with your case and get charges reduced or dismissed.

If such festival misfortune should befall you, do yourself a strong one and call a seasoned attorney whose track record speaks for itself. Contact Richard P. Davies today for an evaluation of your case.