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The Truth About Marijuana DUI Testing

The Truth About Marijuana DUI Testing

In the wake of the new legality of marijuana for recreational use, it’s frequently been brought up that Nevada residents are unsure of the rules and regulations regarding a marijuana DUI and are need of clarification on their rights when it comes to drug testing for marijuana while driving. DUI’s are treated the same way in Nevada, regardless of whether you’re under the influence of alcohol or pot.  If you are a regular pot user, you may not actually be impaired after minimal use.  However, you are definitely still in danger of being convicted if you are suspected of being impaired, are subsequently tested and found to have marijuana in your system. Hiring the right DUI lawyer in these cases is imperative because, in many instances, these charges can be reduced significantly.  When facing the potential of having a DUI conviction on your record for 7 years for employers, landlords and loved ones to see, wouldn’t you rather pursue an avenue that involves potentially reducing those charges or having them dismissed altogether? If you are a current marijuana user, or are thinking of starting up, there’s much you should know about the parameters for use.  Below is information on the latest legislation that deals with how you’re tested for drugs if pulled over, how authorities attempt to determine if you’re high, and what you can do to prevent getting into trouble. The Latest Legislation Regarding Marijuana DUI Testing Currently, Nevada is set to implement blood testing in place of urine testing in DUI convictions that are related to marijuana. It’s important to note that this had already been taking place...