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Child Custody Issues: Enforcing Rights and Child Well-Being in Reno

Child Custody Issues: Enforcing Rights and Child Well-Being in Reno

Few matters in family law are as emotionally draining and downright confusing as child custody. Much has changed in the last 30 or 40 years. Divorce rates have skyrocketed, mothers have entered the workforce and continuing education in unprecedented numbers and traditional male/female roles continue to blur and overlap. Unfortunately, custody disputes now mirror the same complexity that we see in modern family life. Custody disparities arrive at difficult times – usually at the end of a relationship or sometime after the dissolution of marriage when acrimony still fouls the air. Whether married or unmarried, couples, partners, friends and spouses find themselves contending with several trying situations simultaneously. Money, property, and even friends need to be split up. Add a child, or children to that equation, and reason and fairness fly out of the window. This is the precise moment when you need an attorney who knows the law and who embraces a family-first stance. Resolving Custody Disputes for the Benefit of the Child The goal in resolving custody contests is not simply having one party triumph and the others concede defeat. It’s about having all parties emerge with the healthiest, most sustainable arrangement possible. Disaffected and emotional parents tend to think of themselves as the most important of two parties in the dispute. And they forget that child health has nothing to do with retribution. The reality is that each child caught in the middle of the dispute is the most important party to the resolution and his or her needs supersede those of parents. For this reason, differences are seemingly irreconcilable and skilled attorneys are needed to...