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Expert Drug Defense in Nevada

Expert Drug Defense in Nevada

Nevada is not the place you want to receive a drug charge – whether it be for trafficking, possession, manufacture, or distribution. The state’s zero-tolerance policy and draconian penalties smack of the Regan era. Be that as it may, drug charges in Nevada are common and if you’ve gotten one, the odds are dramatically stacked against you. Given the consequences you face, the one thing you must not do is navigate the road ahead without professional legal help. The highly punitive ramifications associated with drug charges dictate that you need not only knowledgeable advocacy, but one who isn’t afraid to try a case in court. If you plan on refuting the charges, you’ll require the skills of a tough drug attorney in Reno who can challenge, argue, and cross-examine. While these sound like the stuff all lawyers are made of, believe me – they are not standard-issue skills. Beyond competency, you’ll want a lawyer who knows the local justice system, judges, and prosecutors. This level of familiarity comes only after years of experience, and certainly isn’t conferred upon lawyers just fresh out of school. Knowing which judge and which prosecutor you’re up against can be as, or more important than, any other factors in the case. The other attribute you’ll need to sniff out is diligence. A highly skilled drug defense lawyer in Reno conducts discovery and checks facts as methodically as they recite closing arguments. Careful preparatory work in the beginning can translate to drastically reduced sentencing and an earlier return to a productive life. As mentioned above, odds are stacked dramatically against you. This is because the law...