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Avoid a Holiday DUI

Avoid a Holiday DUI

The holiday season is also known as DUI season. It’s an observation that’s backed by facts. Let’s take a look: According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), highway deaths related to alcohol rise to 40% during the Thanksgiving holiday, 37% during Christmas, and 58% during New Year’s. According to a survey conducted by the Harris Interactive for the Caron Treatment Centers, 40% of the respondents said they, along with their friends and family, use holidays as an excuse to drink. About 57% of those respondents have seen people drive under the influence. That’s a lot of stats to take in, and they only reinforce the belief that while holidays can be fun and enjoyable, they can also be dangerous. On the one side, you see revelers drinking, then driving while intoxicated, not minding the road. On the other, you see the pedestrians who are at risk. As a motorist, you have the responsibility to help keep the streets and highways safe during the holidays. Trust me, the last thing you want to happen is getting arrested for DUI on Christmas or New Year’s and having to call a DUI attorney in Reno. Here are some tips that might help: Just don’t drive. It’s really the most obvious tip. If you know you tend to get carried with drinking, don’t start. But it is the holidays and drinking alcohol is tempting, so if you can’t fight the temptation, at least… Have a designated driver. It could be a trusted friend or relative. Just make sure that your designated drive actually stays sober on your night out. If you don’t have...