November 2015 - Richard P. Davies Law
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Reno Criminal Defense Attorney Named One of the Top Nevada DUI Lawyers by NAFDD

Richard P. Davies, a leading criminal defense lawyer in Reno and the surrounding areas, was recently cited as one of the top DUI attorneys in Nevada by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD). The NAFDD is an invitation-only organization that strives to identify and give distinction to the best private DUI attorneys in each state and across the country. It also aims to help individuals make more informed decisions when it comes to selecting a lawyer for their DUI case. DUI is a highly complex and specialized field, requiring lawyers to navigate difficult challenges and legal issues unique to the practice. These include the reliability of field sobriety tests, accuracy of breath and blood testing methods, driver’s license ramifications, and administrative hearings. Aside from being a seasoned Reno DUI attorney, Richard also specializes in other criminal cases that call for aggressive representation, like federal crimes and drug charges. Prior to starting his own law firm, he was a Public Defender for the Washoe County for four years and a respected counsel for Laub and Laub, a private law firm in Reno, for five years. If you need expert legal representation in DUI, contact Richard P. Davies today for a complimentary case...